Thankyou everyone!

The 2016 Melbourne Ukulele Festival's fairground gates have creaked closed, but the music and memories will continue on! Huge thanks to everyone involved in putting on such a remarkable event - our festival partners and sponsors, benefactors, performers, audiences, venues, production crew, volunteers, exhibitors and stallholders... and everyone else!
- the MUF Committee.

Enjoy a playlist of MUF moments:

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What do we want? The 2015 Melbourne Ukulele Festival! When do we want it? Friday 13th to Sunday 15th March, 2015!

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What the MUF 2015 crowd said about the festival

  • "Excellent Festival that left everyone feeling great and loving the Ukulele...Well done"
  • "Well done on another fabulous festival!"
  • "Keep it up! I love this festival, and I love the people involved."
  • "I love your festival very much! You guys are ROCK! Thank you!! Look forward to being at your festival next year."
  • "A fantastic festival. Enjoyed every moment"

Once upon a time, there was a fabulous Ukulele Festival. Beautiful princesses and handsome princes, evil stepmothers and all manner of ogres and beasts congregated in the enchanted suburbs of Melbourne's inner north, playing their ukuleles and having a wondrous time. Then, after three days of mirth and merriment, it disappeared - only to manifest again the following year, and the year after, and the year after...

The 5th Melbourne Ukulele Festival was held on the 7th-9th of March, 2014.

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What the MUF 2014 crowd liked best

  • "Sheer volume, variety and quality of ukulele acts"
  • "Selection of artists was superb! Venues were fabulous . . . Thanks for the warm welcome too”
  • “Great being able to chat with some of the visiting performers, at the market"

Thanks everyone for making the 2012 festival so fantastic!

Here are some of our favourite memories:

Official photos by Nick Pitsas:

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